Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Return To Mango Madness, And Just What Is With This Tie, Anyway? The Report Feels Like We've Been At A Burlesque Show (And Not A Good One)

Le gasp and quelle horreur. Have we seen this tie since its unfortunate debut on 14 June 2007? Dubbed the Screaming Mango Hooker Fantasy Tie for its fearsome resemblance to fishnet stockings and its positively obstreperous orange-yellow hue, I struggle mightily to think of anything I might see this fabric used for: a fun little bikini, perhaps, for a twenty-something beauty with a model's physique and a salon tan? a beach-themed patio tablecloth for a cookout? a shade for this? Le sigh. Je ne sais pas. Certainly, not for la cravate of the Most Trusted Voice In News.