Monday, April 7, 2008

Quelle Horreur! A Tie Which Is Less Than Sartorially Splendid

Oh, horrors! Not only has Brian stooped to select from the Lower Tier of Taste for this one, he has rummaged through its hamper and delivered up from its depths, for this cravat is most distinctly rumpled. Cheap fabric, gaudy blue, and the triads of skinny white stripes all combine to make this not just a tacky looking tie, but also one that an indulgent Mumsy might choose for her little Biffie to wear in the Junior Yachting Club Annual Spring Young Gentlemen's Flotilla picture. Perhaps I could have stomached this tie were it in a pristinely pressed, jauntily knotted state, but really--creased in the middle and decidedly unkempt? I. Think. Not.