Thursday, June 21, 2007

Debut Tie: Navy With Canary Stripes

* Unless I miss my guess, tonight was another Debut Tie, although it was more of a relief than a thrill. Reporting live from Ft. Worth, TX, Brian Williams was conveying a degree of uber-gravitas with his navy tie knifed with narrow stripes of canary. Looking consummately and impeccably groomed and incredibly tanned and fit against the backdrop of a serene park and the distant city skyline, BW made up for his many fashion faux pas yesterday. (Well, at least for the enorme camisa. Maybe not for the dark tee underneath. Even if it were navy--for the camera sometimes will read matte navy as black, but still, come on; if you're in television, you know that!) But the last thing you need is another navy and yellow stripey tie, Brian. Final word on it, really.