Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kentucky Fried...Cravat?

Brian Williams, finally back from Iraq and apparently a vacation afterward, followed last night's jaunty little nautical-looking tie with, well...I'm sorry, but I just have to say it. Tonight's cravat of pale yellow aggressively dotted Swiss just made me think of one thing: chicken skin. Ick. He looked as if he was wearing the nekkid pelt of plucked poultry. And that's just not flattering. On anybody. Last night's tie--which I just barely caught a glimpse of and was a repeat, too--was disappointing enough after a hard day at The Rock. But to sit down today, heart all aflutter in anticipation, and see the grizzled epidermis of a goosebumpy duck...well, I have to say it was...disheartening. Tomorrow had better begin a reprise of the Vintage Series, Brian Williams, or I cannot be responsible. God help us if this is the start of a Salute to Poultry.