Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April IS The Cruelest Month...Brian Plays A Joke On The Tie Report

Oh, ha ha, Brian Williams. A little April Fool's joke on The Tie Report. "Oh, let's repeat yet another hideous tie from The Lower Tier of Taste in flagrantly rapid succession and see what She does," you probably said, chuckling snidely to your assistant, or perhaps to Mrs. Brian Williams Herself. "Do, let's!" MBWH probably said sinisterly and with a girlish giggle, skipping with maniacal glee to your armoire de cravates, where she selected the heinous Tribute To Dora The Explorer Tie from 25 March, just 5 ties ago!!! And the two of you stood in the mirror, conspiratorially winking at one another as you knotted up this violet blue monstrosity with anemic stripes of horridly vivid Play-Doh pink. Oh, the cruelty of it all!